How To Go From Zero to listing in 30 days or less

Are you getting ready to sell your house in Kitchener-Waterloo, while living in it & have no idea where to start? You’re in luck! I’m sharing my favourite tips & tricks to help you successfully get your home seen & sold FAST, without leaving money on the table, so that you can sit back & sip that wine in celebration (instead of to numb the stress!).

Firstly, let me just start off by saying, that the work you put into preparing your home to list can translate directly into a higher purchase price & fewer days on the market. I mean, if you had the choice to put up with fewer showings & more money in your pocket, wouldn’t you take it? Damn straight you would!!

You want your home to appeal & be seen by the masses, so your ultimate goal is to provide a clean, open & bright living space that potential buyers will be able to envision themselves living in. But how do you do that, you ask? Check out the video above & walk through it with me! & if that isn’t enough, I’ve made you a simplified guide/checklist to keep you feeling organized & accomplished as you go along. Head on over here & scroll down to grab your copy! 

a snapshot of your to dos each week

Realistically, if you’re planning to sell, chances are, you’re also moving! So this strategy is also going to kill two birds with one stone to set you up for success in both your selling AND buying journeys. Efficiency is what we’re here for, folks! Without going into too much depth, because I know you’re going to want to get your hands on my guide, here is a little snippet of what each week will look like as you become masters of organization! 

  1. WEEK ONE – Categorize your belongings into 3 categories & arrange storage solutions
  2. WEEK TWO – Pack, purge, & store away
  3. WEEK THREE – Make repairs, get your Realtor® back in, plan for staging, cleaning & showings
  4. WEEK FOUR – Add that final sparkle, finishing touches & GO LIVE! 

And remember – a good rule to follow when starting to think about hiring a Realtor, is the Rule of 3. Set up interviews with 3 Realtors in your area, so that you get to know them, listen to what they have to offer & make a decision that feels comfortable to you. This person is going to be with you throughout this journey & you’re also going to likely lean on them to help you find your new home too, so it’s important that you can relate, trust & form a solid relationship with them. If you’re in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, or looking to relocate here, you could always consider an interview with me – just sayin!

Either way, know that I’m always here cheering you on! If you need help with making repairs, suggestions about ways to showcase the best features of your home, or just a little pep talk to keep you motivated, holla atcha girl.

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