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You’ve made the decision to sell your home & this is a BIG deal. It is your biggest asset & as such, we need to make sure it is treated that way. In a sea full of Realtors, let me be your guiding light! Together we will make your home stand out & attract a new owner to love it just as much. 
I’ll handle the process, you enjoy the reward at the end! 

“Bailey was an awesome agent! She kept in contact with us at all times and was fun and friendly to deal with. Bailey is very knowledgeable and will try every option available to sell your house. She is very professional and she will be there for you for anything you need. Thank you for all your hard work Bailey.”

– D&D (sellerS)

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Meet & Greet

So you’ve decided to Sell – amazing! But what next? Well, let’s get to know one another & introduce me to your home! Allow me to bring you your bevvy of choice & together let’s tour your home, discuss your real estate dreams, how I can help & start to develop a game plan.

Teach & Educate

In preparation for our initial meeting, I will have done a deep dive into the market to look at recent sales history of comparable homes to yours, within your neighbourhood, to determine a fair market value. We will go over these together more in depth once I've seen your space, so that you are comfortable with your list price decision.

Market Your Listing

Leave the heavy lifting to me. I will do all of the behind-the-scenes leg work to get your home prepared to hit the market, together with my network of resources. You can take comfort in the fact that your home won’t just be listed on the MLS & left to collect dust, there are additional marketing techniques that I will use to ensure maximum exposure, which we will have talked about during our meet & greet.

Host Open Houses

If you’re open to it, I’ll do it! Hosting an open house is a great way to get potential buyers through your home. Not only does it make for a great weekend activity for people, but it allows me to really showcase the unique features of your home, speak to them as people are walking through & gather valuable feedback.

Manage the Process

From the day you decide to work with me, right through to closing & beyond, I will take care of all the details, showing management & negotiations in between. Being meticulous & thorough are my strong suits. 

Extra TLC

If you need a cleaner or a staging consult, that’s my treat to you. For a full stage, I will work closely with you & my staging gal, to create a design that works within your budget. If you need any repairs or renovations done prior to listing your home, Joel & I, through Rider Renovations, would be happy to give you a quote & ensure things are done in a timely manner.

Must-Have Guide!

How to Go from Zero to listing in 30 Days or Less

Are you getting ready to sell your house, while living in it & have no idea where to start? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got a simplified week-by-week breakdown to help you get your home seen & sold FAST, without leaving money on the table. You’re going to want to get your hands on it…..

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Why Work With Me?

Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

House Sigma or Zillow isn’t going to cut it. Trust me. Even if you’re not planning on moving right away, it is always good to know what your home is worth at any given time. Especially when the market is ever changing. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the market daily & home touring is one of my fav activities. I’d love to come by & give you my take on it – no strings attached!

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About Selling Real Estate

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Got Questions?

About Selling Real Estate in Kitchener - Waterloo?

This is a very common question. The answer primarily is this – it really depends on the market at the time. BUT, it also depends on your financial situation & level of preparation to do both at once. Stay tuned for a video where I talk about this more on my YouTube channel. 

The answer is here is always, yes. What is the point of a house? The point of a house is be turned into YOUR home, with your own personal touches. When selling, you want to create a blank slate for Buyers to be able to imagine themselves living there & what they don’t want to see are your family photos & personal items strewn throughout. You want your house to appeal & be seen by the masses, so your ultimate goal is to provide a clean, open, & bright living space for potential Buyers walking through. This could mean decluttering, packing things away, organizing, updating, making repairs, cleaning, landscaping & staging with more modern decor items. Every situation is different – this is why hiring a good Realtor is important, as they can help make suggestions to get your house in the shape it needs to be. Scroll up to grab my “How To Go From Zero to Listing in 30 Days or Less” Guide, to help you get started! 

Ah, the elephant in the room! As a Seller, you are the one responsible to pay the commission to both the listing & buying agents. This means, you will work with your Realtor® to determine/negotiate a percentage depending on the level of service that you require. In our region, the standard is generally 4-5% with half going to the listing side & half going to go the buying side. Keep in mind – that most brokerages an agent belongs to will further take a percentage out of that amount, to pay for things like desk & admin fees. The amount your Realtor® is left with then goes towards the marketing fees they personally used to help sell your home, general business expenses, real estate board fees, taxes & more. The higher the commission, the higher the level of service you will receive, which will directly translate to more money in your pocket when your house has sold, without a doubt. This is your biggest asset, it’s not the time to skimp out! 

There is a strategy to this! Though there isn’t a crystal ball (I wish!), your Realtor® will put together what’s called a Comparable Market Anaylsis, or CMA, looking at comparable properties within close range to your neighbourhood, taking into consideration the current market conidtions, inventory levels & past sales (generally within 30-90 days). 

Additionally, when preparing a CMA, they will be looking for homes that are similar in style, size & features & will use those attributes to measure your home against. It’s important to realize each of the similarities & differences & to have a good discussion about whether certain features could contribute to a higher or a lower sale price. 

Something to be mindful of as a Seller, is although you may have added a fun feature or a renovation upgrade for your own enjoyment, suited to your own personal tastes, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will appeal to all Buyers. You love your home, of course you do, but it’s important to remain unbiased when arriving at a realistic list price & to allow your Realtor® to guide you when it comes to understanding what Buyers are looking for.

Absolutely not! Though some people have done this, it isn’t necessary. BUT, you should prepare yourself for a bit of a disruption to your regular routine & expect to be flexible, when needed. If you need to restrict certain hours for showings, that can be done & usually most Buyers are understanding because they’ve been in your shoes. & if they’re really interested in your house, they’ll work around it. Your Realtor® will work with you to determine a showing/open house schedule that you are comfortable with & to help you find that balance between giving you the space that you need, but also being mindful of your potential Buyers time too. 

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